Energy Audits in the Greater Houston Area

Have you been coming home to a house that’s hotter than you left it? Is your thermostat not keeping up with your HVAC system? Do you have your suspicions that something with your home comfort system is on the fritz, and you’re seeing the evidence in your energy bill? Then it might be time for an energy audit in your home! An energy audit is where a Horizon professional comes to your home and assesses the space for any reasons your heating and cooling system may be struggling. We can also provide energy-efficient tips for the future! It’s never a bad idea to schedule an energy audit with the bilingual team at Horizon!

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What Are the Benefits of an Energy Audit for My Houston Home?

You might be wondering, “Why should I even get an home energy audit done?” Well, there are a lot of benefits to an energy audit you might not know about. Here’s a list of the most important advantages:

  • If you know that you’re wasting energy due to air escaping from your ductwork, we can help you seal or insulate!
  • An infrared scanner can detect if your floors need additional insulation, keeping your home warmer during the winter.
  • We can help you reduce energy costs.
  • We can help decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
  • And much more!

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Why Choose Horizon Air for Your Home Energy Audit Needs?

There’s nothing more important to Horizon than providing excellent customer service. We’re a local, not national, HVAC company that is deeply dedicated to serving our Houston community. We have bilingual staff members who can answer your needs in both Spanish and English. Each of our trucks will show up to your home fully stocked, with our NATE-certified technicians ready to perform a job well done. We use up-to-date, modern technology to give you the highest quality service you need. For any of your home energy audit needs in Houston, look no further than Horizon Air Solutions!