HVAC Maintenance Service in the Greater Houston Area

When you purchase a new furnace or air conditioner for your Houston home, you expect it to serve you well for many seasons to come. The key to ensuring long life and reliable performance from your HVAC equipment is to schedule routine maintenance. Horizon Air Solutions can help make sure your heating and cooling system is ready to tackle whatever Mother Nature has in store!

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You might wonder, what’s the purpose of maintaining a heating and cooling system? You could wait until the equipment breaks down to call a technician for help, but if you do, you’ll miss out on all these great benefits of HVAC maintenance:

  • Lower heating and cooling bills: When your furnace and AC unit are clean and all the moving parts are lubricated, everything runs more efficiently. This, in turn, leads to lower utility bills.
  • Fewer breakdowns: A broken air conditioner on a summer day in Houston could quickly become an emergency. By scheduling AC maintenance in the spring and heating tune-ups in the fall, you decrease the chance of a midseason breakdown, thus avoiding the stress, hassle, and cost associated with performing an emergency repair.
  • Longer equipment life span: Just as you would never skip changing the oil in your car, you shouldn’t neglect your furnace and air conditioner. A preventative cleaning and inspection once a year can extend the “mileage” of your HVAC equipment, giving you a few more years of use before having to replace it.
  • Better home comfort and indoor air quality: You count on your heater and air conditioner to keep every room comfortable all year-round. You also expect clean air to circulate around your house. Properly tuned-up equipment is more likely to keep your home comfortable, and by removing contaminants from the system, you can breathe easier as well.
  • Peace of mind: Potential hazards surround your HVAC equipment, including the chance of fire or electric shock. When a knowledgeable technician gives you the thumbs-up, you can rest assured that your family’s safety isn’t at risk.


As with all mechanical equipment, your furnace and air conditioner require specific maintenance tasks to remain in top working order. Here are the types of things a technician from Horizon will go over during an inspection:

  • Horizon Air Solutions WorkerReplace the air filter
  • Test the start cycle, heating/cooling cycle, and shutdown cycle
  • Measure for correct airflow
  • Measure the volts and amps
  • Clean the condensate drain
  • Test the safety controls
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Measure the air temperature differential between the return and supply registers
  • Clean and adjust the blower motor
  • Examine the fuel connections and pressure (furnaces only)
  • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils (air conditioners and heat pumps only)

Why Choose Horizon Air Solutions for HVAC Maintenance in Houston?

You have your pick of HVAC contractors in Houston, but we believe you will love working with Horizon! Our trained, certified technicians focus on delivering quality work and exceptional customer service. You can trust our team to get the job done right the first time around thanks to our one-year warranty on all maintenance and repair services. Plus, our consultants and technicians speak both English and Spanish, so you can work with us in your preferred language.

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