Indoor Air Quality Services in Houston, TX

While you may think that the air inside your home is healthier than the air outside, there are a lot of factors that go into keeping it clean and safe to breathe. Indoor air pollutants are a growing concern with Houston homeowners and can result in long-term health effects for you and your loved ones if not properly addressed. These risks increase significantly if anyone in your home has serious allergies or suffers from asthma.

This is why the team at Horizon Air Solutions is dedicated to providing indoor air quality services throughout the Greater Houston area. We can help you identify any sources of air pollutants in your home, and then equip you with the necessary tools to keep your air healthy and clean all year long. We can supply you with dehumidifiers, humidifiers, air purification systems, and even air decontamination UV lamps. Better indoor air equals a better life in Houston for you and those you live with. Let Horizon help keep your air clean today!

Horizon Air Solutions can help you with your indoor air quality needs throughout the Greater Houston area. Call us now at (713) 679-9225 or fill out our contact form online now to learn more.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality?

There are a lot of reasons your home could have poor indoor air quality. One of the biggest causes, according to the EPA, is that many homes simply do not have adequate ventilation and do not allow enough outside air to enter your building. Ironic, right? Outdoor air can actually help dilute emissions from indoor gas sources! On top of that, a home with poor ventilation is unable to let its pollutants travel outdoors and away from your home. Insulation with asbestos, central heating and cooling systems, and tobacco products can all contribute to these issues as well.

Don’t fall victim to any of these causes! Start working with Horizon Air Solutions by dialing (713) 679-9225 or contacting us online now to improve your indoor air quality today.


There are a few different ways the team at Horizon Air Solutions can help you with your indoor air quality. Here are some of the most common:

  • Air Cleaners: This one is pretty straightforward. We can help install some tools that will clean the air inside your home. These systems include humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and purification systems. All of these systems collect pollutants from inside your home and funnel them into a filter that eliminates them.
  • Source Control: The Horizon team can help you figure out exactly where your air pollutants are coming from and stop them. These sources could be asbestos-containing insulation or even a gas stove.
  • Ventilation Improvements: There’s no better way to get old air out of your home than by letting outdoor air in. We can help you make ventilation improvements in your home, like opening more windows. It’s important to consider ventilation improvements when you’re performing a high-pollutant activity, such as painting a wall or sanding wood.

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