Thermostat Services in Houston, TX

You have well-functioning heating and cooling systems in your home. They help keep you comfortable and cool in the summertime, and cozy during the winter. However, there’s an essential piece of the HVAC puzzle that helps you control both of these systems so they work exactly how you want them to. Thermostats are the key to your home’s comfort system, and it’s important to get them the service they need. Whether you need thermostat installation or replacement for a new system, or thermostat repairs when something’s gone wrong, the team at Horizon Air Solutions can help!

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When you get a new HVAC system, you’re going to need a well-functioning thermostat to keep it under control. At Horizon, we offer a large variety of different thermostat types, including smart thermostats and traditional thermostats. Our team of certified technicians will come and assess your current HVAC system and can make recommendations for which thermostat would best serve your home. Or, if your older thermostat system is outdated or you’d just like a refresh, Horizon Air can help you with thermostat replacement as well!

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You may think you just need to replace some batteries, but a thermostat repair may be more complicated than you originally thought. If you’ve noticed that your thermostat doesn’t control temperature, or the temperature in your home fluctuates wildly, then it might be time to call in for thermostat repair. The team at Horizon knows how to identify issues with any type of thermostat system, and then can perform necessary repairs to ensure that your home gets back to being comfortable again. Reach out now for thermostat repair throughout the Greater Houston area!

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Every type of thermostat comes with its own list of benefits. Here are some of the most common types of thermostats:

  • Programmable thermostats: Also known as “smart” thermostats, these help you save on your energy bills by learning your living habits. This means that they’ll either lower the AC or raise the heat while you’re away from home, and then return to a comfortable temperature before you get back. That way, you won’t notice a change in comfort, and you’ll see a lower bill!
  • Mechanical thermostats: These are the old-fashioned, more traditional thermostats usually found in older homes. However, these are much easier to install and are very user-friendly.

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At Horizon Air Solutions, we have the HVAC contractors you’re looking for. We can perform all types of jobs, including thermostat installation, replacement, and repair. We are dedicated to our local Houston community and look forward to serving your home soon. Our consultants and technicians are bilingual, so we can get you the help you need in either Spanish or English.

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