6 Thermostat Tips to Save You Money


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Proper thermostat settings can significantly impact your energy efficiency, helping you save money while keeping your home comfortable. As a trusted HVAC service provider in Texas, Horizon Air Solutions is dedicated to helping homeowners optimize their energy usage and lower costs.

Take control of your energy usage and reduce your monthly expenses with these six valuable thermostat tips.

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Upgrade Your Thermostat To Maximize Your Savings

There are various thermostat types that can impact your energy usage and provide several advantages to help you maximize efficiency.

When choosing a new thermostat for your home, consider:

  • Programmable thermostats: These allow you to set temperature schedules in advance, automatically adjusting the temperature based on your preferences. This helps avoid unnecessary energy consumption overnight or when you’re not home.
  • Smart thermostats: With advanced features and connectivity, smart thermostats learn your temperature preferences and habits, adapting settings to optimize energy usage. They offer the convenience of remote control from smartphone apps.
  • Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats: These thermostats offer remote access and control through an internet connection. They allow you to adjust temperature settings even when you’re away. 

Decide on a Set Temperature When You’re Home

Finding the ideal temperature settings when you’re at home is crucial for comfort and efficiency, especially during the scorching Texas summers. Aim for a moderate temperature of around 78°F to balance comfort and savings.

Each degree you raise the temperature can lead to noticeable energy savings over time.

Adjust the Temperature for When You’re Away

Don’t forget to adjust your thermostat settings when you’re not at home. Raising the temperature a few degrees during the day, especially in the Texas heat, can save significant energy and reduce cooling costs.

Programmable and smart thermostats allow you to automate these temperature adjustments based on your daily schedule.

Use Energy-Saving Modes

Take advantage of the energy-saving modes available on your programmable or smart thermostat. These modes optimize energy usage based on your daily routine, automatically adjusting temperature settings to reduce cooling costs during peak hours.

By using these modes, you can effortlessly save energy without compromising your comfort.

Replace Air Filters Regularly

Regularly replacing your air filters is vital for maintaining HVAC system efficiency and indoor air quality. Clogged filters restrict airflow, forcing your system to work harder and consume more energy. Replace your air filters every one to three months to ensure optimal system performance and energy efficiency.

Consider Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Upgrade to an energy-efficient HVAC system to further enhance your savings. Energy-efficient systems come with high SEER ratings, optimizing their performance. Newer units feature smart technology that optimizes energy usage based on real-time conditions.

Horizon Air Solutions specializes in providing energy-efficient HVAC system installations and upgrades tailored to meet your household needs and budget.

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When you choose Horizon Air Solutions for your HVAC needs, you can rely on:

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